The Lovely Thing about Energy #1

Since I’ve begun to make a series of posts about the problem with fatigue, I figured I ought to make a series of posts about the lovely things that happen when I have energy.

This morning, I found myself crouched quietly in the dark kitchen at 5:30 AM, stealthily matching lids to my kids’ sippies. What the heck?! Normally we just throw all the cups and lids into one big bucket under the kitchen counter where the kids can scrounge for a matched pair like street urchins pawing through a refuse pile.

But this morning, I had the bizarre energy and interest in lining up each sippy cup in a row, color coordinating their lids on top like helmets on little tin soldiers. I know the next time my kids empty the dishwasher they will bombard this formation with an unruly avalanche of fresh containers. But for one, brief, shining moment, there will be order. My energy stopped the flow of entropy this morning. And perhaps my children will pause in their busy morning schedule for one second while they grab their morning drink, and see my work, and think, “Aww, Dada…” and then go on with their day.

But, most likely they will think it was their mother.

We will not go quietly into the night!

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