Six month retrospective

Well, it’s been six months since I began this journey and I feel I ought to take a moment and reflect on my journey thus far.

In good, Kai Ryssdal fashion, let’s look at the numbers:

  • Website bought, installed, designed, and launched
  • 5,000+ data points collected in self-experiment
  • 56 blog posts and pages written
  • 5 energy-related books read, plus dozens of scholarly articles
  • 1 interview recorded (not published yet)
  • 1 video recorded (not published yet)
  • 1 animation drawn (not published yet)
  • Breath pillar done
  • Sleep and hydration pillars underway
  • Energy factory analogy drawn
  • Podcast equipment purchased

My energy has increased dramatically. It went from zero days of 5-star energy in December and January to six 5-star energy days last month:

I don’t know if my research will help my family or anyone else (or if I will even publish), but this project has at least made a quantifiable difference in my life.

For the book, I feel like I might be 25% of the way through my research. If I am going to publish by my 50th birthday in 19 months, I might need to pick up the pace a little bit though.

Fingers crossed that the next six months are as energized and productive as the last six!

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