New Tracker

Ok, now that I’m back in the saddle again, it’s time to start tracking my main energy metrics.

But, to be honest, I’m not fully in the mood. I need to start small and work my way back up. Baby steps.

So here is how I’ve scaled back my tracker. I’m just tracking the core factors that seem to impact my sleep:

The sleep score, body battery score, and HRV (heart rate variability) are provided by my Garmin watch. I have found them to be pretty accurate. The sleep score combines my duration of sleep, my restlessness/awake time, light sleep, REM sleep, respiration, and stress. It’s far better than my old methodology of just tracking duration, deep sleep, and light sleep.

The body battery score deserves its own post. Note to self to write this.

The HRV also deserves its own post, but I need to do more research to understand it. I have a sneaking suspicion it will become more and more important to my quest to understand my energy.

For now, it’s good to be back and tracking.

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