Morse code

I have a new doctor! Things went really well with the new doctor, Dr. William Morse, and I have decided to transfer my primary care to him.

If I had not known that he had a specialty in Integrative Medicine, I would not have been able to tell except that he didn’t mention drugs once.

The shocking difference to me was that he took an ENTIRE HOUR to explore my family’s fatigue with me. I don’t know how late he was for his next appointment (I heard the lady in the examination room next door asking the nurse why he was so late), but I am incredibly thankful he explored our issue so thoroughly. If this is a hallmark of Integrative Medicine, I’m sold. However, I think this might just be Dr. Morse.

To cut to the chase, he doesn’t know what is wrong with us. He went over my lab results for the past 12 years and ruled out thyroid and metabolism issues. All those numbers were good. He suspects there might be an issue with my sleep – perhaps sleep apnea. He repeatedly asked me if I was ‘fatigued’ or ‘sleepy’. I told him I was sleepy because I’m fatigued, but he wasn’t so sure. So he ordered a heart monitor with a pulse oximeter that I can wear while I sleep. If my heart rate spikes when my blood oxygen dips, that means I am experiencing sleep apnea.

He is also ordering another blood sample to test for Vitamin B and Vitamin D deficiencies, but he doesn’t seem to think that is the problem.

All in all, Dr. Morse seemed puzzled and intrigued by how our symptoms are presenting. I’m going to call this The Curious Case of Chris Peary and the Morse Code.

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