I’m not asking for the world

Sometimes I wonder if I’m asking for too much.

Is it too much to ask that I have 5-star energy most days?

Should I be content with the amount of energy that nature, daily circumstances, and environmental factors foist upon me?

Here’s why I say, “No”:

  • First, I’m not asking for more energy than I’ve ever had. I’m not asking to be the Energizer Bunny. I realize there are limits to what I can handle and what is reasonable. I only want to experience more frequently those days where I have enough energy to get most of the things I want accomplished done.
  • Second, I just want to make my family happy. It’s so disappointing to see the look in my kids’ eyes when I’m unable to summon the energy to play with them in the afternoon or read stories to them at night. I know there are dads out there who are able to regularly do these things. I’m not looking for the perfect Hollywood life. I’m just asking for the ability to be (slightly above) average.
  • Third, it’s not OK for my son to spend the rest of his life dealing with these issues. Each incident taken individually may seem relatively harmless, but, aggregated over a lifetime, it could be the difference in a life well lived and a lifetime of regrets.

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