On this page, I will explore how our diets affect our energy levels.

This is obviously a huge topic and is probably deserving of its own book (hmmm…note to self: if people enjoy The Energy Book, consider writing a book about the optimal diet for energy). However, I will start off with a few points and assumptions.

First, it seems self-evident that almost all our energy comes from the food we eat, and that different food affects our energy levels in varying fashions. Sugar spikes our energy quickly, but then crashes it. Fat burns slowly. Protein helps the muscles, making our energy use more efficient.

Second, calorie restriction (i.e., dieting) is a sure fire way to grow more fatigued. Except that I have noticed many times an unusual burst of energy when I begin dieting. What is that all about? But generally, within a few weeks of commencing a diet, I will begin to grow more tired. Then, even later in the diet, my body seems to adjust to the calorie restriction, my weight loss plateaus, and my energy returns to normal. So maybe the body can grow more efficient at converting less food into more energy? Or is there something else going on here?

Third, I’ve always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although it makes logical sense, is it true? Is there an optimal time to eat to supply us with energy at certain points of the day? Professional athletes will probably have this science perfected. I’d like to know what kinds of foods I should eat at dinner to sleep better, at breakfast to have better energy during the day, and at lunch to avoid the mid-afternoon crash.

So, below I will explore the science of how our bodies convert different foods into energy. I will read articles and books by the experts to find out what advice they can offer us. Then I will experiment with applying those tips and tricks to my own life. Finally, I will make my conclusions about what seems to work best from what I’ve found.

The Science – how it affects our energy

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The Research – tips & tricks from the experts

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The Experiment – applying tips & tricks in everyday life

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Conclusion – how things turned out

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