Our Energy Factories

I know I’m not much of an artist.

Your body is like an energy factory. It’s number one purpose is to create energy so you can live.

Energy = Life

But how our bodies create energy is not so obvious.

  • Is it just the food I eat? The quality of the food? The quantity?
  • How does sleep affect my energy? Does it create energy? Or just reset it?
  • What about mood? I have more energy when I’m excited. Why?
  • What about caffeine, exercise, vitamins, air, water, stress, light, age, and everything else?!

It’s complicated, right?

The problem is that there are a lot of factors and they are interrelated. If you’ve ever felt tired and just tried to fix one thing or patch it with caffeine, you have probably quickly discovered it isn’t easy to fix fatigue. The source of our problems aren’t always obvious. It can require a systems approach to understand and isolate our energy drains.

A Systems Approach to Your Energy

To make this complicated process a little more understandable, we came up with an analogy to shed some light on how your internal systems work together to produce energy. We call it the Energy Factory.

As you might know, your body has little, tiny workers called mitochondria that make all of your energy.