5-Star Energy Day

What does a five star energy what does a five star energy day feel like?

It feels like I can do or be anything.

I have waves of energy coursing up and down my body. Sometimes I even get goosebumps.

I feel like dancing.

I am knocking out tasks so fast that it seems like I’m in a different dimension.

My creativity is doubled.

Big ideas for improving my life – my work, my marriage, my role as a father to my children – pour out of me.

The difference in my journal between a 5-star energy day and anything below a three is remarkable. On a 5-star energy day, I will have three Moments of Delight, multiple notes to myself for ideas, and long descriptions about things I was curious or interested in. On a low energy day, only half the page will be filled out, sometimes there won’t even be a Moment of Delight, and I have no new ideas at work. The drop in my quality of life is apparent.

When I have a 5-star energy day, I get multiple compliments from my colleagues about my input and ideas. People respond to me as though I were a close friend instead of just a colleague. There’s more laughter and life. On a low energy day at work, I’ll often close my door, get very little done, and probably receive no compliments about my work.

At home on a 5-star energy day, my wife and I will often get frisky. Our marriage flourishes and my children giggle with delight at the games I play with them. On a low energy day, my wife and I will sometimes snap at each other. The conversation at dinner will drag and we will often find ourselves sitting silently in front of a TV where I will fall asleep.

When I look back at my journal and compare the descriptions of 5-star energy days with low energy days, it seems like I’m reading the lives of two different people. The quality of those two lives lie in stark contrast to one another. It makes me feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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